Goodship is a film distribution and marketing agency that designs and leads innovative pathways for the financing, distribution and marketing of film, television and on-line productions across documentary and features.

We use our communications, marketing, sponsorship and distribution expertise to develop strategies and form strategic philanthropic and brand partnerships to support productions, build and entertain audiences and ensure the lasting positive impact of films.

Brand Partnerships
We work with feature film, documentary and TV Producers and Directors who embrace the mutual benefit of brand partnerships as a way to grow potential audiences and revenue.  In return we provide our brand partners with highly integrated opportunities and the ability to influence the early creative and development stage to ensure campaigns are strategically aligned to deliver maximum engagement. We offer a variety of services including management of campaigns, distribution and marketing that is tailored based on the requirements of our brand partners.

We devise innovative distribution models, broker introductions to and partner with distributors, or acquire distribution rights tailored to the specific objectives and potential of each project across all platforms from theatrical to digital.

Marketing & PR
We advise on and deliver creative marketing and publicity campaigns from early development through to theatrical release and beyond.

Impact & Education Campaigns
We have an eye for productions that will lead to social change. We are specialists in campaign strategy and management to achieve filmmaker and partner social and corporate responsibility goals.

Our Partners
We work at all stages of the production lifecycle including financing, development, distribution and marketing.  This holistic approach allows us to create meaningful partnerships developed from the ground up to achieve all partner objectives.

We work directly with Screen Industry Bodies, Producers, Directors and Cast, Distributors, Venues and Exhibitors.

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